Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera Review

Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera Review

Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera Review

Point and Shoot with the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black)


  Everyone loves memories, and memories are best captured on photos. You can revisit fun times and loving moments by looking at images you have captured over the years. It is best to use a camera that gets you high quality shots and capturing unforgettable moments has never been easier than with the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black). Just point with this sleek black camera and click to catch sharp and crisp images of a beautiful memory and make it eternal. 

The dimensions of the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) are 95.3 x 56.8 x 23.7 mm and it is approximately 142 g in weight, including the battery and memory card. Lightweight and very functional, you can take it anywhere with you as you discover the unlimited potential of photography. 

Powered by DIGIC 4+ Image Processor

The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) lets you process images instantly as you shoot at speeds in auto and ISO 100-1600 settings. Image processing time is improved by 60% by the DIGIC 4+ processor and the CCD sensor which also perks up the Intelligent IS function and the start-up and auto-focusing times that produces an enhanced result.

 Effective 20 Megapixels, 10x Optical Zoom and Lens

More megapixels give you the power to enlarge your images without compromising the photo quality with the 20 megapixels of your Canon Ixus 155. The 4x Digital and 10x Optical zoom allows you to capture even the minutest details in the background and foreground. Focal length of lens is 4.3 (W) – 43.0 (T) mm (35 mm film equivalent: 24 (W) – 240 (T) mm). 

Wide LCD Screen

A high resolution 2.70 inch LCD screen lets you enjoy viewing your images as you take them. Likewise, you do not strain your eyes as you edit the images right on your camera. The screen has a resolution of 230000 dot image and a 4:3 aspect ratio in framing your subject comfortably.  

Built-In Flash

No more worries about low lights and adjustments because the built-in flash automatically acts when there is minimal light to give you high quality shots. There are 4 flash modes to choose from and 1.0-2.0m or 50cm-4.0m flash range to enhance your image capture. 

Auto Mode

If you are a beginner, but still wants great pictures, then you will find the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) very handy. By relying on its auto mode, you can start clicking and get quality shots of every memory you want to preserve. The camera automatically corrects settings for color and brightness saving you the worry of making adjustments to produce sharp and high quality pictures. 

Still Image Sizes

Still Images are captured in a 4:3 ratio with the following sizes: Small 640 x 480, Medium 1 3648 x 2736, Medium 2 2048 x 1536 and Large 5152 x 3864. 

Impressive Creative Filters

No need for special lenses as you add photographic effects and make your images catchier and more unique by using the built-in filters. There is also no need to download photographic tools and special effects. Get that classic convex distortion effect by using the Fisheye. Create a pinhole camera image by using the Toy Camera and add that well-defined single tone to your photographs with the Monochrome effect. 

Shooting Options

You can try even the different shooting modes: portrait, snow, low light, super vivid, fireworks, long shutter, poster and miniature effects. It helps you create natural backgrounds in place of dull backgrounds. 

Likewise, you do not have to worry about low lighting as it comes with f/3 – f.9 apperture and can capture up to 0.8 continuous shots per second and 2.2 shots in low light mode. ISO Speed is 100 – 1600 with 1 step increment, standard output sensitivity. It allows you to set the speed per light exposure requirement of your shots. 

The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) also offers face self-timer, face detection and live view control shooting modes for your convenience. Its metering system is evaluative, spot and center-weighted average. The 1cm macro range is perfect for close-ups and the 4.3-43 focal length is great for wide-angle images. Enjoy beautiful shots in a variety of ways and modifications. 

White Balance

White balancing solves the problem caused by changing light temperatures. Indoor or outdoor lighting affects photo quality and the white balancing sets the camera accordingly. Set it at Day Light, Fluorescent or Tungsten Light adjustments as well as Auto Mode to achieve the perfect shot. 

Record Full HD Movies

Capture more than still images and go for motion picture. The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) allows you to record movies in full HD in mjpeg format with 1280 x 720 p resolutions. 

Long-lasting battery

The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black)is powered by the NB-11LH Li-Ion battery that enables you to take 230 shots and record at least one hour of HD videos on a full charge. 

Take More Shots with Eco Mode

Low on battery but still need to capture images? Then turn on the eco mode to darken the LCD monitor or viewfinder when not in use. The signal amount read is reduced by one-third from the image sensor and reduces power consumption by the camera, conserving your battery life. 

Warranty and Service

Register on Canon’s website after your purchase and enjoy a minimum of one to two years warranty on the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black). Service centers are also easy to find across the country. Warranty can be extended. 

Other Features

Image stabilization technology eases your worry of blur caused by uneven surfaces or hand movements as you take images and videos. Other Digital Cameras from Canon as the Powershot G16, Powershot A2500, Powershot SX60 HS, Powershot G7X and Powershot SX700 HS also have the same image stabilization features. 

Help Button

Beginners will fully enjoy the Help Button as they navigate the camera’s features and function as it provides helpful insights on how to shoot amazing photos. This makes the Canon Ixus 155 quite user friendly. 

Color Availability and Packaging

The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) comes in an exceptionally attractive packaging that consists of a Battery Charger CB-2LFE, battery Pack NB-11LH,  AC Cable, 4GB Card Camera Case, Wrist Strap WS-800 and the User Manual Kit. It is also available in Red, Silver and Blue.







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