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Great Running Shoes

Great Running Shoes

Great Running Shoes

Improve Your Running Performance with the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19

 Running is a wonderful form of exercise, improving health and general well-being. Other benefits of running include the following:

 Better sleep, less insomnia problems

  • Better breathing, less respiratory tract infections
  • Better sight, less likely to experience age-related vision loss
  • Better blood circulation and cardio strength, less exposure to high-blood pressure medication
  • Better stamina, less likely to have severe erectile dysfunction
  • Better bones, less likely to suffer bone density problems
  • Better concentration, less likely to develop dementia
  • Longer life, happier life

Running is also used in training for sports and competition. Many people find running easy and a very effective means to get a good cardio workout. You can run anywhere with no special equipment or gear required. However, like any other sport or form of exercise, running can also make you prone to accidents and injuries to your knees, feet and ankles. Protect yourself and enjoy the exercise by wearing great running shoes, and the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 is one of the best running shoes available right now.

A Legacy of Good Running Shoes

The name ASICS is an acronym for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, a Latin phrase that literally means “a sound mind in a sound body”.

The Gel-DS trainer shoes have always been loved by enthusiastic runners and have seen improvements and transformation over the years. The Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 has superb features that will make your running experience so enjoyable.

Every Asics product is designed to make the sports enthusiast have a healthy body in harmony with a healthy mind.

Their shoe innovations boast of the famous Asics design philosophy: linking shoe components to enhance the natural way of walking, augmenting smooth movement of step from heel strike to toe-off and reducing the risk of injury. The 19th version is much improved in comfort, fit and weight. The Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 is made of synthetic fiber and artificial lather with a rubber sole and textile lining materials, weighs about 310 grams and comes in US sizes

Lightweight Performance

Made of dual-layered Solyte midsole and has less upper overlays, the shoe is perfectly lightweight. Breathable and comfortable because of the open mesh construction, these running shoes offer increased flexibility through the Asics’ Impact Guidance System design. Running is also about resistance placed on bones, muscles and the heart, and the body adapts to accommodate this demand. This eventually leads to stronger bones, stronger muscles and cardiovascular strength. With the lightweight

Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 , you can improve your body resistance with elasticity and comfort on your feet.

Comfort at Your Feet

The biomorphic fit upper is essentially a stretch material that helps reduce buckling on the upper foot for a more comfortable step. This seamless overlay cleverly prevents irritation and the risk of getting blisters. It is quite ideal for long runs, either for exercise or for training, providing support and comfort. The Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 supports improved body posture as well. Reduced bunching and buckling will help you run the right way. When this happens, your whole body posture also automatically becomes right. Shoulders are lowered, spine is prolonged and arms are used in pumping energy to the running pace.

Enjoy the Heel Clutching System at its finest with the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19. For improved gait, heel support and heel fitting, exoskeletal heel counter is set in place along with rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning systems. Running shocks are eased during transitions and smooth movements are allowed on multiple planes. The rearfoot and forefoot gels are silicone-based materials that are located in critical areas. The vertical flex groove reduces or eliminates the shockwaves and tooling for enhanced gait prowess. On the other hand, the clutch counter is snug and supportive providing a dynamic fit surrounding the heel, and gives stability on the insole.

Stable and Steady

For a touch of stability, the eyelets are independently positioned to disburse tension from the lace in an asymmetrical design. This makes the fitting customized for the runner while making the upper foot equally comfortable, following the foot’s natural curve and likewise reduces the risk for irritation.

When running, one needs to avoid obstacles such as stones, branches, curbs, animals and other miscellaneous items. Changing directions and speed is essential and a shoe with a perfect and comfortable fit will help strengthen your balance and help you easily maneuver.

The innovative Guidance Trusstic System is designed to reduce the weight of the sole unit while maintaining the shoe’s structural integrity. It works with the Guidance Line on the outsole and promotes a more efficient step while supporting the midfoot and compensates for overpronation. Running enhances one’s endurance and the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 props up one’s staying power through structural integrity and rigidity of midfoot, insole and outsole. The shoe heel is secure, there is less potential for friction, and it makaes the runner literally go the extra mile.

Best Choice for Running

Running is about hard work as much as it is about relaxing. When you run, your shoulders are not hunched up and you’re the muscles in your arms and hands are shaken out to relax. Shodding your feet with running shoes that are designed for comfort and maximum flexibility, like the ASICS GEL Cumulus 16 Lite, ASICS Gel Flux, ASICS Nimbus 16 Lite, ASICS Gel Fortitude and the ASICS Gel KAYANO 21, is the excellent strategy for daily running, neutral running or running for training.

To recap, running with the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 is the best thing you can do for the three big reasons. One, you’ll run faster, lighter and more comfortably because of the half-ounce weight drop from last year’s version. Two, you will enjoy better feel, better fit and durability because of the seamless overlay and breathable stretch mesh construction. Three, the well-cushioned running shoe is specifically designed for overpronators who want and need maximum support. So run and strengthen your body, be healthy or be more competitive, while being comfortable as well. There is something wonderful and tough about running that makes you feel perfect. You can beat the normal pace of life and feel resilient.