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Natural Safe Breast Enhancment For Your Girlfriend Or Wife


Women of today would go a long way to get a perfect figure. Small breast are seen as not having a complete desirable body and could even lead to depression amongst women. That is the reason why more and more women are taking to breast enhancement but there are methods for breast enhancement without surgery. It is also not surprising that breast enhancement is amongst the highly fashionable cosmetic procedures. The technique used in breast implant is that prosthesis is inserted into a women's breasts by the way of cosmetic surgery to enlarge its size. The 2 breasts implant filler materials are mentioned here below.

· Saline-filled – A silicon rubber shell containing liquid sterile saline.
· Silicon gel-filled – Silicon shells containing gel made of viscous silicon.

Victims of breast cancer can make use of breast implants to reconstruct breast post mastectomy. Those women suffering from asymmetrical breasts have the option of 1 breast implant so as to balance the overall size of the breast. A number of women choose breast implant surgery post pregnancy so as to balance the different of breast size that takes place as a result of fluctuating hormones but there are also methods for breast enhancement without surgery. There are many website on the Internet that are dedicated to this cause and you can always take a second opinion before going under the knife.

So let us see what are the ways you can adopt for breast enhancement without surgery. You can try methods such as natural pills for breast enhancement, creams, herbal remedies and special devices. Amongst the major plus points of breast enhancement without surgery is that is happens to be cheaper than other options, less probability of side effects and zero recovery time. The results might not be instant but results have been known to show up ranging in a few weeks to a couple of months. The best thing is that they are permanent. It is commonly known that using plant estrogens stimulates breast tissue growth. Breast enhancement without surgery with help of phytoestrogens is non-hormonal.

There are ways to get breast enhancement without surgery and still get desired results than too in not a lengthy time period. There exist proven breast enhancement exercises that still achieve breast enlargement without surgery. Just with simple breast enhancement exercises breast shape will not change, such exercises make the muscle inside the breast tissue stronger. But a good exercise routine makes the breast lift thus your breasts feel & look firmer. You should know how to perform these exercises correctly because if performed incorrectly it can prove to be dangerous. Lets have a look at some of the effective exercises for breast enhancement without surgery-

· For best results from breast enhancement without surgery exercises use this one. lie over your stomach, bend the knees & cross ankles. tilt the elbows and put the palms in line with the floor (sideways). With errect arms lift your body in a manner so your remain abover on your knees & palms. Tuck in the chin inwards reaching the chest bending the forehead in the direction of the floor. Stoop the elbows and lower the body altogehter in a manner so that upper arms are adjacent to the floor. Push yourself upwards. Your elbows shouldn't be locked at any stage and do this exercise ten times. Take a minutes break and do it twice more.

· Another exercise that helps breast enlargement without surgery is by holding the palms together tightly opposite to the breasts. Keep it in that position for 5 seconds & then relax. Do this exercise 10 times.

· Hold your forearms parallel to the shoulder level and release out without freeing the forearms. Do this exercise 10 times.

· Bend the fingers & lock them the point of your shoulder level. Release it and lock it in intervals of 5 seconds.

These exercises are effective for breast enlargement and especially recommended for people wanting breast enhancement without surgery.

I know how you feel, you want to enhance your breasts but are a bit confused. Then this is what you need to do NOW…First, go to [] to get the most popular natural and safe breast enlargement treatment available. Next…If you are serious about having great breasts, TRY it, it does work. Third…enjoy the site and pick up some tips. Fourth…there is no fourth, NOW is YOUR time, grab this opportunity to naturally enhance your breasts, you deserve it.



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Amazing Lotto Breakthrough – How To Win The Lottery


How To Win The Lottery

We have all seen these amazing Powerball lottery jackpot soar to incredible amounts and wish we could get in on these record breaking prizes. In January of 2016 How To Win The Lotterythe biggest Power ball jackpot ever of $1,586.400 billion was split between three winning tickets making making John and Lisa Robinson, Maureen Smith, and Mae and Marvin Acosta the biggest winners yet and it changed their lives forever. All I can say is it wasn't just luck that helped them become one of the biggest lottery winners ever. If you didn't know, they each had little strategies that I think had to help them out on winning.

If you would like to learn the strategies on how these Powerball winners each handled buying their winning tickets, and also learn some more amazing tips and tricks to WIN BIG in your next lottery ticket purchase, follow along and we'll give you these secret tips.  We will also teach you how to master Lotto Winning Tips and Tricks from the Worlds Only 7 Time Lotto Winner Richard Lustig. If your ready to be the next big lottery millionaire click the link below to learn more.







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How To Get Him Addicted To You Forever


Learn The Secrets To Get Him Hooked To You Forever

Hey, girls, it’s Emily. First of all, before I even start I’m very, very excited about the content of this article today. It’s something brand new and I feel that this concept, which I’ve never said before, is something I’m going to say for the next decade if not my whole life in my coaching. At the end of this post, there will be a special announcement. Read right to the end of this post so that you do not miss it. Okay, I want to get down to it. One of the biggest issues that I believe women experience with men is how to communicate and get their standards across to a guy.

Get The GuyThe first problem for a lot of women is they don’t know what their standards are. They’ve never really articulated to themselves “what is ok and what is not ok for a guy to do around me”. ”What am I looking for?” “What kind of treatment do I expect?” and even if they know what those standards are “How do I actually communicate these standards to a guy in a way that doesn’t make me seem like a nag, too stubborn, high maintenance…”? Am I going to come across as aggressive?” off course people also have that fear of confrontation. “I might not like what he just did but I don’t want to confront him because I don’t want to create friction or awkwardness”.

Many people wouldn’t admit this out loud but it’s the reality. Communicating standards can be a difficult thing. The sad part is communicating your standards is one of the most attractive things you can do.  If you know how to do that you can get a guy attracted on a completely different level than other women can. So, if you’re avoiding communicating your standards, If your tendency is just to be passive, to hide the way you feel or just to put your guard up and distance yourself from a guy so that he can’t hurt you but at the same time he doesn’t really understand, you’re missing out on a really amazing opportunity to influence guys and create attraction.

So, how do you communicate your standard to a guy? Let’s say a guy, at the end of a first date, says “do you want to come home with me?” or however he says it. Guys each have their own special way of saying this. How do you deal with this question in a way that articulates your standard but doesn’t create unnecessary friction or make things awkward between you? I’ve thought about two types of women that get this wrong. One type of woman that gets it wrong is the woman who is overly aggressive. She’s the one who, when he says it, she says “are you kidding me? You think I would come back to your house after one date?”

Secret Obsession Phrases: Unleash his Hero Instinct by bridging a deep-seated “Gap” in communication that very few women (or men) understand.

That’s the woman that creates confrontation, bruises his ego and makes him feel like he doesn’t want to take any chances with her again. Then there’s the woman who’s kind of a little too sweet. She’s too passive. Now she may go one of two directions. She might say to him… she might make excuses and say “you know what I have so much work to do in the morning I have to get up early so I can’t but hopefully, I’ll maybe see you later this week”. So he never really knows that it was too fast-paced for her. All he knows is she made an excuse whether it was legitimate or not he doesn’t know but he doesn’t know what her standard is.

The other type of sweet person or passive person goes home with him even though it’s not her pace to go home with someone that quickly, she does it because she doesn’t want to create confrontation and she doesn’t want to make things awkward and she likes him so she thinks “I do like him and I do want to be close to him” so she goes back to his apartment maybe she has sex with him maybe she doesn’t but she gets taken into a situation that she doesn’t want to be in. So neither of these work very effectively.

One communicated standards but doesn’t create any excitement for the guy, the aggressive woman, she shows her standard but she doesn’t necessarily get excitement and continue the tension in a good way. She creates bad tension. The woman who’s too sweet, she doesn’t create any sense of respect.

Now there’s a concept in the food industry. When they’re manufacturing food they’re looking for the optimal ratio of salt and sweet that stops you from being satiated, that stops you from being full, that keeps you wanting more to the point where, in food, is what makes you overeat because you eat something and it’s got that exact right level which they have measured, they know. It’s got that exact right level and then you go “I want another one, just one more. I want another one. I want another one…” and you keep eating and you don’t lose your appetite because it’s the optimal level. It’s called the bliss point. The bliss point applies perfectly to communication with men. We are always looking for the bliss point in communication.

What is the optimal level of salty and sweet when you communicate your standard? In our example above, the woman who was overly aggressive, a little too salty right? Didn’t create any excitement, didn’t create any more desire, just created tension in a bad way, not the good tension. The one who was too sweet didn’t show any standards, she wasn’t salty enough. So now shes just blah, at the end of it he’s going to get bored with her because she doesn’t have standards it seems and he doesn’t end up respecting her and that means he gets less attracted.

How To Get The GuyThere is a woman who, in this situation, achieves the bliss point. She’s the woman who says to the guy “you know what? There’s a part of me that would love to because you’re super attractive but it’s not my style to move that quickly, I don’t move that fast but if you want to take me out later this week or next week I’d love that” Ok I’m going to repeat that cause I want you to watch what happens in each step. There are three steps to this.

One: “You know what? There’s a part of me that would love to go back with you because I think you’re really attractive.”

Two: “but that’s just not my style, I don’t move that quickly”

Three: “If you want to go out this week or next week however I’d love that. That would be really cool.”

Now these three things… What you’ve done is you’ve started by showing attraction “There’s a part of me that would love to go back with you because I think you’re super attractive” There you create all of these… this tension in a good way, these fireworks, these sparks, this desire, he’s like “oh my god she wants me” but part two: “I’m telling you my standard. I don’t move that fast. That’s not my style. I just don’t move that quickly” He hears your standard now and then lastly you open the door for him to step up his game. So you say “but if you want to do something this week or next, I’d love that, that would be cool” This is the bliss point.

Learn how to flip on a mans HERO INSTINCT drive and he will be obsessed with you forever.

This is the woman who’s got the optimal level of salty and sweet, that makes a guy want more, That stops a guy from being satiated, that makes him think “I need another one” In this case it’s another date “I need to see her again” because she achieved the bliss point. I’m not going to lie. When I was sitting there and this thing clicked for me, this idea of the bliss point, it might be one of the most exciting concepts that I’ve come across and thought about for attraction and human dynamics in general in a very, very long time. So, my question to you is firstly doing you find that example useful? Because if you did I have many, many, many more that I have been working on for you to use.

When I come up with almost a neat little trick, a neat little turn of phrase, something you can actually say in the moment that can get you the result women will use that and see that it works and come back to me and say “Do you have something I can say for this situation?” and “a guy just said this” or “a guy just did this”, “what do I do in all of these different situations?” in other words for everyone that I solve it’s like ten more spring up.

I'll never have time in this post to be able to cover them all It’s just… It hasn’t been possible. It’s like cutting the head off the beast and three more grow So, I have been working on a brand new program that is very different from the other things that I have done, different in this way: I thought to myself you know what? There are many different scenarios where women want to know the exact thing to say and do.

They don’t want just physiology, they don’t just want a concept because people hear the concept and then say “ok I get the concept so now what do I do?” It’s easy to say “You have to sound confident when you talk to guys” that’s easy, it’s easy to say “you know it’s important sometime to not sound like you’re too desperate with guys” that’s easy, That’s all like just philosophy.

Actually then saying “how does that translate into what you say? How does that translate into a turn of phrase? What are the things that you should say to trigger a guy’s attraction? And how can you say them in this situation and this one and this one?” That’s why this program has taken me so @#$$@ long. I wanted to create something where we took out all of the filler, all of the explanation and just said now we’re just going to give you the juice.

Seducing beautiful woman looking at her lover with wine glass.
Seducing beautiful woman looking at her lover with the wine glass. Having romantic talk

We’re just going to give you what you can say in all of these different scenarios. Last week I talked about it as the scripts right? This Idea of “you know what? There are certain scripts in dating and in relationships that just get the result. I feel confident that this is the most valuable program I’ve ever created. I will go as far as to say the “Get the guy” book pales in comparison to what I have created here that I am about to reveal to you, and I don’t say that lightly because I’m proud of this book, it’s my baby. I put my heart and soul into it when I created it. It was a New York Times bestseller, over 800 reviews on Amazon. It’s 4 and a half stars in Amazon. I think it has 80% 5-star reviews and I know that people who read the “Get the guy” book, the most common comment was this “I love the book I just want more examples of how to use it. I want more examples of things I can actually say to guys”.

That’s what this is all in one place with all of the fluff cut out and just the examples so that you can go and get the results immediately and it’s quick. That’s why I believe it’s the most valuable thing I’ve ever done because it literally gives it to you on a plate.

For the first 1477 women who get on this program, I have two very special bonuses that I am going to be giving out that you don't want to miss.

There is a link at the bottom of this post to get yourself the book and bonus special now so don't miss out.  You will know that I'm not exaggerating here because we have released programs in the past.  My previous program we had an early bird list some people thought they did not need to sign up for the early bird list and then they missed out on the program altogether because they weren’t there quick enough.

People that are on this early bird list are going to get a 20 min head start the doors are going to open for them 20 minutes before they open to the mass public and 700,000 women are going to be hearing about this all at the same time.

So the people on the early bird list are going to get first access they will literally get an email telling them to go an visit the page before anyone else. And of course, they have a much better chance of getting the two special bonuses that I told you about.

So there it is and now it's time to step up your game and learn the most effective ways on “How To Get The Guy”








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Things To Say That Make A Guy Fall For You

Things To Say That Make A Guy Fall For You

The Best Things To Say That Make A Man Fall Head Over Heels For You


I'm going to teach you three ways to complement a guy to make him fall for you and read all the way to the end because I have something very special waiting for you that you do not want to miss.

The first way to complement a guy is in his style. Many people when they are walking up to someone, think about how to complement their looks; you have a great smile, you have beautiful eyes, all of those kinds of things. Not only is this a very direct way to go and approach someone, one that most of us are scared to do, but it is also as complimenting someone on something they didn’t choose, none of us chose our looks, but we did choose our style. When you go u to a guy and say I love those jeans or those shoes are so cool, not only is it safer and less direct; it’s actually more meaningful.

The second way to complement a guy is to talk about his hidden traits. Let's say a guy is good at a guitar, he's probably been complemented on that a woeful lot, so when he goes and plays and everyone comes up to him and says oh my God you are so good, you're amazing at that, it loses its meaning after a while. Now when you compliment a guy on that thing, you're just like everybody else, but if you can complement the trait that made him go to the guitar in the first place, he will be much more sentimental about that. If it’s just the discipline to keep playing every single day, even when it was hard to get to that point, that something is more likely to have meaningful than just being good at the guitar.

The third way to complement a guy that makes him fall for you and I cannot overstate the importance of this; play to his masculinity, show him how much of a man you really think he is. If a guy feels like a guy around you, he'll want to be around you more. There is one amazing line that you can use to do this and if you like this line, you're going to love what I give you in a few seconds. You say to a man ”I feel so safe whenever I’m around you”, just saying that to a guy makes him feel like Superman, but most specifically it makes him feel like Superman with you. Not everyone makes him feel that way, so if he feels that powerful with you, he's going to be drawn to you. If you like this, I have a special surprise for you.

I have five more compliments that get any man to chase you; I don't care if you've known him for five minutes or five years. To get these compliments; go to, where I literally have a free guide that has five compliments that will have any man drawn to you like a magnet.

Literally, take any one of them; say them to a guy that you like that you’re attracted to, that you want more from and watch the results in real time. Go to, try them out today, I cannot wait to hear your results. I will see soon.






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I enjoyed the book, but I must say it started really getting good to me towards the end. Just and Lani were the most annoying to me. Their back and forth arguing and leaving and not talking became redundant and I got tied of reading about them. I did enjoy reading Yay's story and her developing relationship with Rique. Loui and Harm's story was developed a bit more. One minute they were avoiding each other and the next they were a couple and living together. I enjoyed seeing the couples of Keyshia and Cashmere series but I felt like Cash and Keyshia were in the story too much. I cant wait to read part 3 though because the end is when the story started to get good!
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2011 College Baseball Season Already Underway
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fit as expected nice comfortable for relaxing.
  Christian Nica

I was looking for a book featuring good piano renditions of the Four Seasons. This score does it. All the hits are there. Fairly easy to sight read, play through it a few times and you can get the song down (i'm late intermediate level on the piano, in all honesty). I really like the piano arrangements; the melody and basic chord structures are carried with the right hand, with basic bass-lines in the left. This is not an accompaniment book; the piano arrangement carries the melody.
We love it!
  Miclea Valentin

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In season thanksgiving holiday soups cooking

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In season thanksgiving cheap nfl jerseys from china stitched holiday soups cookingSoups marvelous beginner regarding your thanksgiving holiday dining event, While you'll notice eager loved ones members mincing over regarding a not yet for worked poultry gets a wonderful amount of in time the cooker.[Reverse your day discount packet quality into a special thanksgiving holiday dinner with convenient advancements]Roasting Carrot combined with Cashew soups, Atop. Specific carrot soups is incredibly rich and frothy due to the cashews divesified from. Its spiced, But aren't hot and spicy, But just about any drink warms up from top to bottom. Special: It's completely facility based mainly. If it is not quite a typically carrot soups you would look for, Seek thisCarrot soups by working that Cheap Jerseys have done spices or herbs and as well Pecans.(N Lindsey regarding that buenos aires blog put up; Delicacies design on Lisa Cherkasky to houston posting).Piece of fruit Rutabaga soups. This advice very soft soups is the perfect solution on the essence machine due to the fact a lttle bit cayenne, In which light source temperatures is fair by just a hug regarding walnut syrup. Thanks to two glasses of bulky remedy, That isn't really nutrition cost; With regard to creating much sell old nfl jerseys cheap bowl, We will denture moving upward young, Teacup mass helpings. Left over spots freeze them great. If someone makes it in advance, Warm the leading singularly to assist an feel.(Scott Suchman to the new york weblog)Valentine's day Kuri melons then the apple company soups. Terrific and after that probably free of fat definition it's the most perfect first training study training long before going to a massive food. You can keep it uncomplicated on the other hand go ahead and full-scale and therefore attire it at the chestnuts, The apple company pieces and/or a sprig ture drew brees super bowl jersey prices cheap over thyme. Recover it to five days above, new england patriots super bowl jersey for sale cheap And for the if you intend on holding the program.[How to look after your incredible confined the furnace spot for thanksgiving holiday](Deborah Lindsey which houston mail)(Goran Kosanovic for your miami advertise)Rich and frothy melons soups along together using Pimenton. Easy to understand in the very best of ways, Using a weighty measure among used to smoke paprika on colors since flavour. Get plant broth finances vegan, Or wear it track of a drizzle using obese creme or several dots creme fraiche. You will certainly make this many types of days in best cheap jerseys front.

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Best Foods To Increase Fertility In Men


Best Foods To Increase Fertility In Men

It may seem that men are ruled by two organs; his stomach and his penis; so why not satisfy both and achieve the end result of pregnancy you both desire. Discovering the foods that will increase male fertility does not mean bean sprouts and turkey. However, these are good food choices for a healthy diet. You man can enjoy red meat, beans and whole grains all while increasing his fertility.

The average person is nutritionally deficient in six of the eight vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body. Less than one in ten receive the recommended daily allowance for zinc – an essential nutrient for sperm production. Part of this deficiency is due to the quality of soil in which the food is grown. Because the soil has been farmed so much, the nutrients plants need to absorb have become reduced; therefore it puts an extra strain on your body.dietplan067

Some things are beyond your control, yet the purchase and ingestion of processed foods can be eliminated from your diet, thereby making room for the foods that increase male fertility. Keep in mind that during the manufacturing process essential nutrients are removed therefore increasing longevity on the shelf. In addition, the cooking process further removes vital nutrients. To eliminate the removal of vitamins and minerals from your foods, it is wise to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables as well as eat them raw whenever possible.

The benefits are twofold when you eat raw veggies: you get the nutritional value the vegetable was meant to provide and you get the convenience to suit your busy lifestyle. Other quick “fill-me-ups” include nuts, and dried fruits. These are healthy alternatives to chips and satisfy your “munchie” craving as well as your sweet tooth.

You can even satisfy your man sized hunger with dark red meats, poultry and fish, such as salmon and tuna. Whole grains, dried beans and eggs are also fantastic foods that increase male fertility. While oysters are often said to be a great aphrodisiac, they are actually great for increasing fertility.

When you make your food choices at the market, consider if they are good blood building foods. Maintaining a healthy digestive system is important in deriving the fullest benefit from the foods you do eat. In addition to healthy food choices you may want to add a multivitamin to your diet. This will aid in providing you with the essential nutrients for increasing male fertility.

You must remember that the natural state of your body is to be fertile. To get your body back to its natural state you may also want to enlist the aid of a trained herbalist. He or she will be able to design a program that with strengthen the organs critical for fertility, improve general health and increase your sexual vitality. Sleep, digestion, focus, energy and an overall sense of well being will be enhanced when your sexual vitality increases.

In conclusion, eating healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice taste at all. Discovering the foods to increase male fertility just takes a little bit of leg work and patience. However, when your overall health is balanced, your ultimate goal of producing a child will be achieved.

Are you having problems getting pregnant? [] Are you looking for fertility treatment [], have fertility questions, or looking for books on fertility? You might well have heard about IVF and yes, it's expensive and frequently requires several treatments. It's time to learn the truth about IVF and why IVF is often useless……or even worse.

Learn about the only true and complete way to view infertility and ways to ensure your body is totally ready to conceive and changes you can make right now, to increase your chances of pregnancy by 3,000% and much, much more! Visit Increase Fertility Now!

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20 Manly Grooming Charts Every Guy Should See


1. Mustache you way to the stars.

First, we mustache you what facial hair you prefer.

2. Love a Stache? Maybe one of these appeals to you.

If none of those are appealing, perhaps you'd like a famous 'stache.

3. Mustaches Mania!

Or perhaps one of these?

4. Ron Swanson beard acceptability chart. Don't be a Douchebag!

Build the perfect beard, based on this Ron Swanson beard acceptability chart.

5. The best beard types for your face shape.

Here's what beard looks best with each face shape.

6. All you want to know about facial hair.

More on facial hair.

7. Groom your facial hair for the type of job you have.

Groom your facial hair for the job you want, not for the job you have.

8. GQ does hair the right way so know what to ask for at you hair cutlery.

Know what to ask for when you go to the barber.

9. Do you love a nice Buzz Cut?

Not all buzzcuts are created equal.

10. Your Shape….. Your Haircut that's right for you.

Here's what haircut works best on each face shape.


11. Check out these great Flat cuts.

Get thee a flat top boogie, why don'tcha.

12. Get your haircut game on now with the best cut for you.

Get on top of your haircut game, now.

13. How to get the perfect shave…………..

Get the perfect shave every time.

14. Learn to Shave the right way.

Don't suffer another shaving accident.

15. How do your sideburns lay on the magnificent bastard sideburns chart?

Where do your sideburns fall on the magnificent bastard sideburns chart?

Are you more of a Barack Obama or a Robert Redford?

16. Get ready set Goatee it's all here.

Get your goatee all good.

Or you know what? Maybe not have one at all.

17. Get the best beard with these tips.

And here's how to get the best beard possible.

18. What grooming product do you use to hold your hair?

What product to use to get the perfect hold for your hair.


19. Not just for women… A few great tips for better skin with things you have around the house.

A few DIY tips for better skin with things you've probably got in your fridge and around the house.

20. Learn where it’s polite to trim your nails at home or away from the house.

Learn where it's acceptable to trim your nails. Answer: in the privacy of your own damned bathroom, and nowhere else.

21. Please never forget your weekly go to grooming checklist.

And never forget your weekly grooming checklist.

 We hope you enjoyed this Art of Being a Man.



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11 Killer Mens Colognes For Fall

Mens Colognes For Fall 2016

Drive women wild with these 11 Fall Colognes

Fall is right around the corner so it's time to ditch your summer colognes and get one of these awesome colognes for winter. Here are some great tips on how to wear your new cologne.Mens Colognes For Fall 2016

  • What part of the body is the best place to wear it and how much should someone put on?
    • Spray your wrist, behind the ear, ankle, behind knee caps or palms. NEVER RUB YOUR WRISTS TOGETHER TO CRUSH the fragrance.
  • Every single fragrance changes with each person. You can't generalize what fragrance would fit all people WITH THE EXCEPTION of a linear fragrance.
    • A linear fragrance stays the same. Look at Hanae Mori for Men or Chrome by Azzaro. It doesn't change and will do well no matter who wears it. They are two of my personal favorites and have stood the test of time.
  • When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied
  • L'homme Yves Saint Laurent By Yves Saint Laurent For Men: L'Homme YSL, the new fragrance for Men by Yves Saint Laurent. The force of attraction of a man with style and sensuality. A unique combination of luxury, art and modernity for a timeless elegance. A fresh, woody fragrance playing on contrasts. A bright and sparkling freshness with a magnetic and sensual trail. Notes of Bergamot, Ginger and Vetiver.
  • Montblanc INDIVIDUEL: Montblanc INDIVIDUEL underlines the independence, the mystery and the romanticism of the Homme Individual.. This fragrance absolutely rocks and has become one of my go to fragrances because the scent is just fantastic, the projection & longevity are outstanding and this gets tons of compliments. This is a must have in your collection!

  • Burberry London: Burberry London for Men Eau de Toilette is a refined and sophisticated fragrance. The scent features notes of spicy black pepper and smoky guaiac complemented by sweet and resinous opoponax and elegant lavender for an added touch of distinction. Presented in a glass bottle with check fabric cover. 100ml. Made in France

  • CK One Shock: CK One Shock For Him is built around aromatic, spicy and deep oriental nuances. It opens with citrusy clementine, fresh cucumber and energy drink accord. The heart of black pepper, black basil and cardamom is placed on the base of masculine tobacco, musk, patchouli and ambrene wood.

  • Serge Lutens – Feminite Du Bois: This fragrance is meant to be shared, so men, do not be thrown by the name. It is spicy and strong. Notes include Ginger, cinnamon, clove, plum, peach, orange blossom, violet, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, and benzoin.All these scents are perfect for the fall and
  • Bvlgari Aqua Marine: BVLGARI AQUA MARINE by Bvlgari for Men EDT SPRAY 3.4 OZ pine needle, oils, cedar wood.
  • Burberry London: A sophisticated scent with top notes of bergamot, lavender and warm cinnamon. Artfully balanced heart notes of mimosa flower and rich leather.
    Lower tones combine heady tobacco leaves and dense oak moss to complete this distinctive and refined fragrance.
  • Prada Amber Pour Homme: Prada introduces a Magnetic Amber Fragrance for Men. Timeless yet modern. It is made for a new kind of gentleman–a reinvented gentleman. A contemporary, highly natural scent with magnetic impact. Top Notes: cardamom, bergamot, neroli, mandarin oranges. Heart Notes: orange blossom, musk, vetiver, geranium, and myrrh. Base Notes: patchouli, tonka bean, saffron, vanilla, labdanum, sandalwood, and leather

All these scents are perfect for the fall weather and will make any girls head turn your way. Have Fun!


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5 Things Women Wish Men Knew

Things Women Wish Men Knew

Women Wish Men Knew These 5 Things

Hey guys, it’s me Alexa one of the best dating expert for men, and today we’re going to do some myth busting! I’m going to give you five myths that a lot of men believe are true, and after we do this myth busting hopefully you’ll get a clearer insight into the female mind.

Myth number one: hot women are harder to get.

In your mind, they are – you’ve created that, you've created that belief. You've presumed that because she’s hot, she’s going to go for men who are equally as hot or who are very, very successful. Or she’s going to be very, very bitchy – she’s going to really put you down, in fact she’s going to laugh in your face the moment you approach her.

I have a lot of beautiful female friends – we’re talking really outstanding, high grade quality here, and equally I have some less attractive friends, physically less attractive – beautiful personalities, lots of confidence – but, they’re not aesthetically what most people would consider as hot.  And guess who gets approached most? Yes – it’s going to be the mediocre girls, because all the guys are thinking the same thing, they’re thinking, “I won’t go for the really hot friend, I’ll go for the one that’s just a little bit shorter, a little more friendly-looking.”

They’ve convinced themselves that the girl next door is going to be like the girl next door, super friendly and up for it.Things Women Wish You Knew

“I’m going to go for her instead.”

So what happens is a lot of very stunning women out there are not approached – they’re looked at, people stare at them, but people don’t approach them. And they've got a lot of issues, they think maybe I’m not pretty enough; all my other friends who don’t model, who don’t get looked at as much are getting approached more, and maybe I’m not that attractive, maybe there is something wrong with me.

So I want you to just expel completely this myth that hot women are more difficult to get. It’s not true. I’m telling you, this is not true.

They get approached a lot less, so they’re actually quite a lot less cocky, they can be a lot less abrasive than mediocre girls; but more importantly, I want you to look at the reasons for why you hold this belief. It’s probably a way for you to stop approaching beautiful women, it’s an excuse. We create a lot of things, we say, “This person looks like they’re in a bad mood, this person looks like we’ve got nothing in common, this person looks like they’ve got a boyfriend, this person looks like they’re too intelligent/they’re not intelligent enough.”

We find a range, we’re very good at this, finding excuses – very, very good; and we find a range of different excuses, but I want you to use the fact that she’s beautiful as fuel. Use it to galvanize, to fuel your desire to go and speak to her, not to fill your head with excuses and limitations.

Myth two: women go for wealthy guys.

Ok, I’m going to urge you to watch my video about this, I did a whole video on wealthy, successful guys and how they don’t actually attract that many women. I’ll be brief for this point but you do have to watch that video if you want to get a little bit more clarity on it.

Women are trying to ascertain confidence and strength – strength of character, they’re also trying to see if the guy is unapologetic for his actions, his goals, she wants consistency – which a lot of wealthy men don’t possess –and she wants certainty.

So they are the four core values that women are trying to ascertain when in an interaction with a guy, not wealth. Wealth is usually indicative of success, success is usually indicative of confidence – so it’s a presumption that the guy’s confident, but if he is not showing confidence 5 or 10 minutes into the interaction its game over for him too. Watch that video if you want more information about that.

Myth number three: we will go for our type, we will ultimately go for our type, because that is what we are programmed to do.

Not true. If you look at my past boyfriends, if you line them up – you’ll notice there’s not much consistency between them, you wouldn’t be able to say, “Ah – I see a kind of type here.”

Not at all. Some of them were very successful, some were very unsuccessful, some were very hot, some were not so hot, some were tall, some were shorter – there’s no consistency. What they did all have though, was something called ‘game’, and actually that gave me inspiration for my book which was published in 2010 – I looked at what all these guys did, and I worked out that they all ran a form of ‘game’ and that it could be copied and pasted – it could be applied, it could be broken down in a step by step format and applied by other guys.

So yes, we do have an initial type, I have a ‘type’ – I know what my eyes are drawn to, there are certain guys that if they look like Christian Bale – yes, I’m going to look twice at him, that’s probably exactly my type; but, if he doesn’t have the qualities to match then I’m not interested. The Things Women Wish You Knew

Equally, I have been approached by guys who are not so good-looking, or they’re not my ‘type’ I should say – and after five minutes they’ve ran some high grade game on me and that’s it – I’m like complete putty in their hands. So yes, she might have a type – she might prefer black guys, she might prefer older guys, she might prefer white guys, rich guys, poor guys, all this is initial stuff, ok? It’s initial stuff. And you can’t let it limit you. You can’t say, “Well, that’s her type (or I’m presuming that’s her type) so I’ve got no chance.”

Nonsense. If you’ve got game, you will outmatch type any day of the week.

Myth number 4: Women want guys to agree with them.

Not the case at all. A lot of guys will bend their own reality in accordance with hers because they've been told; they've been fed this myth for long enough that you have to agree with a woman if you want to sleep with her. I can tell you now, I have never heard a woman say, “I just had to sleep with that guy because he agreed on every point that I made.”

When you start agreeing with everything she says, concealing your identity, concealing your opinions, your points of view – you go into the nice guy territory. Nice guys don’t get laid, ok? Nice guys carry shopping bags for the girl, but they don’t get laid.

And the nice guy is a very bland experience, so you’re going to stop trying to agree with everything she says unless you genuinely do agree – like you do with this video, obviously – but you’re also going to stop limiting yourself to finding commonalities. This is a big one – stop trying to work out if she likes the same things as you do, if you both like the same pizza topping, if you both like to visit the same city…  irrelevant. I want you to find a connection, an emotional connection where you’re talking about your passions, you’re talking about your desires, you’re talking about the foundation of your goals, the root reasons for what you do, why you choose things – I want you to explore those; that’s a much more meaningful, stronger connection than just finding commonalities that you agree upon.

Last but not least, Myth number 5: Women want commitment.

Women Want CommitmentThis is slightly ambiguous, but yes – women do want commitment, but later on. A lot of guys will be like, “Ok, I am the full package, ready to go, I want a relationship. Surely she’s going to be interested now. I’m boyfriend material.”

It doesn’t work out like that. Women like to earn it, they like a challenge. So a guy that states he wants a girlfriend – it makes us feel like if we say yes, then we’re just going to be that comfortable pair of slippers he’s been longing to own for ages. We don’t want to be the comfortable pair of slippers, it could have been any girl. If he’s looking for a girlfriend, he’s just got a position open and he’s looking for it to be filled by anybody.

So it’s not very romantic. We want the guy who’s kind of open to the idea of finding a girlfriend, settling down one day – but he’s not handing it to us on a plate, we’re going to have to work for it, we’re going to have to prove it.

So please guys, do not do this, this is such a turnoff – do not sit there with a girl on date number three telling her how you want to get into a serious relationship – whether it’s with her, whether it’s directed to her, or you’re just talking about it in general; just don’t do it – because then we feel like it’s not a challenge.

And you might think this is fucking psychotic – this is what women ultimately want, why do we have to play these games? Tough shit, you do. If you don’t follow the rules, you’re not going to get a relationship. You have to make it seem, even if you're dying for a relationship – conceal it. You are one of those guys who, “Yes, one day I would like to settle down and have kids – but I’m in no rush to do that.”

That’s very attractive to a woman, it means game on, here’s a project, I’m going to get him – I want that one. We always appreciate what we have to work for more than something that’s handed to us on a plate, as you guys know.

So, they’re the five myths today. If you want to find out how you can start increasing your success rate with women, go to my website where you will find out more information about my products that I’ve created including eBooks and DVDs which cover a wide range of subjects. I hope to see you soon. Take care!

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How To Make Women Want You More!

How To Make A Girl Want You

Hey guys! This is me Casey, one of the world's top female dating expert for men. How many times have you been with a girl that you like and you've decided not to pursue her or not to make a move, based on the assumption that you're just not her type? For some reason, you think or you feel that she's giving some sort of a signal that you are physically not her type. Honestly ask yourself now how many times that has happened.


Now, of course, all our scouts just like you guys have a set type; what we look for physically and in terms of their characteristics. However, every single girl has dated, slept with, had a boyfriend who has not fit that set type at all. What she initially goes for does not necessarily mean that's what she's going to end up with.

Whenever you feel this, whenever you're talking to a girl and for some reason, you feel that you're not her type, let this come into your head ”Game On”. This sentence is so empowering, just very simple ”Game On” and this is because the game will out-match type every single time, and the game is much stronger than what the girl's initial type is. If a girl shows you lack of initial interest, she's not immediately attracted to you; instantly attracted to you as which sometimes happens. What is your reaction? Do you do what most guys do?

Hot and Sexy

Most guys real quick; most guys will give up and what they'll do is they'll find excuses in order to keep that ego intact, so they'll say things often such as; she's only into white guys, she's only into black guys, she's only into rich guys, she's only into older men, she's only into younger guys, she's a lesbian or anything. You'll find an excuse often to say this is her type and I don't fit into that, so that's okay, that's fine, but the problem with this is not just only do you not get the girl that you want because you've given up and you've decided that she goes for a guy that looks nothing like you or has a social status to you or has a different job or who is richer than you or shorter than you or taller than you or different color to you. And also these kinds of excuses keep you in your comfort zone, this stops you from perfecting your game, these stop you from perfecting your technique.

You might be saying to this, if I'm not a girl's type, why should I bother, why do I need to prove myself to her, that's exactly how a guy that has no game thinks. Most guys will think that they need to somehow prove themselves if they're not the girl's initial type. However if you have game, if you have skill, if you have technique, you'll realize that she's going to have to prove herself to you, that's how it works, that's the difference, this is how the guys on my team; the pick-up coaches on my team are looking at the situation, they don't look at it as they need to prove themselves, they have to somehow be that girl's type, they have to be in line with her requirements, they switch her around. She has to prove herself to them, it's about the game, and it’s not about type.

There's something else you have to remember here; women are usually not attracted to a guy. Most women do not experience love at first sight, they might claim that was the situation, but they are just romanticizing what really happened. The truth is most girls meet a guy and they think he's okay, nothing special and suddenly something starts changing in the interaction. It could be a slow bother, it could take maybe a few days, but it usually will happen within the first hour or so. Instant attraction is extremely rare and when it does happen and it has happened to me, it fizzles out very quickly, because when you meet someone you're instantly attracted to them because they happen to be exactly your type, the problem with that is that you build them up and you expect so much from them that anything that they do that is not congruent or not in line with this idea you have of them, it's going to start sabotaging the little fantasy you've got going on there about them.

Instant attraction very rarely happens, when it does, it doesn't mean that you're going to have guaranteed success but go either and this is why all my courses; my boot camp, my 7-day courses; we never teach guys how to be a particular type. Guys who come to me, I don't teach them how to be exactly my type. I want to share something with you, I have a type, I go for a certain type of look and most of my boyfriends haven't actually ended up looking like that set type that I have in my head. In terms of characteristics, I always say that I go for very intelligent men. I like men to have strong political views, I like men to be well educated and yet I've ended up with guys that I've been so attracted to that were so stupid they could barely spell their own name. This happens all the time, so many girls will go out with an ideal set type in their mind and end up going with a guy who is nothing like that and this is because these guys have a game, they have brilliance.How to Attract Women

This is what I do, I breakdown what those naturals did, because they were all naturals, they all had game, I break it down and I pause on this step by step format, so I never try and make a guy become my type, it's impossible; you can't be everybody's type and have a thing for a moment yourself; how many times have you met a girl and she’s been good looking, she's fitted the requirements of what you're looking for in terms of looks with a girl? And she's a nice person honestly, but you're not really attracted to her and there's a girl that you know who is not the most beautiful girl, she has unfortunately got habits or characteristics that are definitely not on your list of what you consider to be attracted, but yet you've been really attracted to her. This girl has a game, you'll put it down to having sex, having a great personality, having energy, chemistry, but the truth is she has a game; that's all it is. The game will out-match type every single time, so what I do is I teach guys how not to be a girl's type; impossible, I teach them how to perfect their game.

There's one last thing I want you to remember; when a woman does end up with a guy who is not her type, the attraction is always more intensive, it's always stronger. We love to get together and say, but he's not just my type, I don't know what I'm doing with this guy, I never go for guys like this, because then we now start to romanticize and say it must be chemistry, it's just meant to be. We'll come up with all these excuses to actually explain why we're so attracted to this guy, we won't really be able to, so instead we just use romantic excuses to why we're so attracted to him.

Remember guys; next time this happens, I want you to always think ”game on”, if there is any point where you think she might like taller guys than you, she likes richer guys, it doesn't matter, I too have a type and how many times have I gone out with my type? A few times, but I've gone out with lots of guys who are not my type and so have millions and millions of girls out there. Whenever you think she likes a richer guy initially or taller guys or a younger guy or older guy, I want you to not give up and I just want this line to come in your head ”Game On”. Guys if you want to find out how to perfect your game without changing who you are, you want to have game, you want to have techniques that can grow with your own personality; check out my Ultimate DVD in Seduction. I am sharing with you the secrets that women want you to know, why? Because with the insights, techniques, methods and skills that I am handing you in a step by step and detailed format, you will be attracting women into your bed whom you initially thought would never sleep with you.







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Best Places to Meet Women

Best Place to Meet Women Today

Best Places to Meet Women Revealed

Hey guys, Today, I'm going to give you some great alternative places to meet women, which doesn't involve going to nightclubs and bars. A lot of the students who come to learn my how to meet women course say to me that they don't really want to learn how to pick up women in bars and clubs. It could be due to their age, it could be a cultural preference. Usually it has to do with the fact that they don't have many friends, who are their same age. They don't have any women and buddies that they can go out with… they don't want to go out to clubs like the Lone Ranger, the big bad wolf looking for Red Riding Hood. So we show them how they can meet women in different situations, in different environments and they're always really, really surprised at how many other options there are.

Best Place to Meet Women

So, I'm now going to share with you five really cool places to meet women that don't involve deejays, nightclubs or loud music. The first one is coffee shops.  Coffee shops are even better place to meet women than they were a few years ago. In all the major cities- L.A, New York, London where I teach my Best Places to Meet Women courses I notice like there’s something that's happening all around the world in these cities. There's a lot of entrepreneurs, young female entrepreneurs which is great news, which is fantastic news of course and they haven't got offices, they're not choosing to work from an office. They're choosing Starbucks, they`re choosing Costa Coffee, they're choosing the local cafe, they’re choosing the local coffee store to be their office and they will literally sit there, I’ve notice it, they'll sit there for like three to four hours. It's their office and they'll keep going back there and they'll have their organic coffee or whatever it is and they'll have their laptop out.

I've noticed that these girls, they get really, really intense in their work, you know they are typing away but they usually want to have a break like within 40 minutes to an hour. They need a brain rest or something. Most human beings who are working that intensely and then they are focused, they're going to want that rest and they're looking for a rest spite. And I've noticed that they start talking to people around them. It's just like a way to sort of break the pressure, to release the pressure a little bit and then they can go back to work.

I was thinking, well this is perfect. This is a perfect opportunity for guys to just get their laptop out, look at anything you want in there apart from porn obviously and just you know when you can see she's at that point it’s very noticeable. You can see she's just like, “Oh okay, you know.” Looking around maybe she's going on Facebook for a little bit, she's just having a brain rest. It's like she's in this perfect perfect zone to speak to her. And there's so many of these girls everywhere. Just walk down the street, look at the windows of all these coffee shops and you would just see all these laptops open with beautiful women huddled over them, doing their work and I’m just like “this is target rich”. These are target rich places and guys are just not using this opportunity to meet women nearly enough. So, that's one place- coffee shops, great place to meet women.

Second one, is classes. There are so many classes going on right now. You've obviously got things like salsa classes, dance classes, photography classes and such. That's a great place to meet women but also think about all these classes coming up which involve cooking classes, cookery classes, something that I really should use but don't ever see myself doing, even a sushi-making classes and it's a real bonding experience. You're literally breaking bread with each other. It's like food and you’re cooking with each other you're making food oh! It's great opportunity to flirt. Would you like to take some of mine? So, I find that classes are a great way to meet women.

sexy dancing

Try and pick something that you genuinely want to learn about. A lot of guys do salsa class because they know they're going to meet all these like hot South American women that are there and they get to have really close body contact with them, they get to dance with them, it's great for flirting. I get it, fine do that! But try sometimes to pick something that you really want to do like a photography lesson, a photography class, learning a new language, it’s a great way to meet women. I find that the worst-case scenario from joining one of these classes is if you don't meet a woman, you usually meet a friend. Now I'm not saying you need a friend but as you know everything is interlinked, so you could meet a friend and from there you go and find a woman and you find other things in common. That's like worst-case scenario. You've learned a new skill, you've made a friend, you've made a couple of new friends. That`s like worst case so why on earth would you not want to take these lessons?  What would stop you from going to these classes?  A lot of people say, “Well, I've got a gym membership, that's a great place to meet women.”  I don't think it is. There are ways to meet women in the gym but they are not the most effective ways. It's much more difficult than if you were in a much more lighthearted environment such as a class. People are not so serious about it. It's not so intense. They`re not doing any intense workout. They're not putting their body under so much pressure, they're enjoying it, they are enjoying learning a new skill and they usually want to meet other people also.  So, classes is another fantastic way to meet women.

Third, and this is one of my favorites- art galleries and museums. Especially for the more discerning gentlemen out there who are looking for a more artistic or intellectual women. Now you might know zero about art. You might be in an exhibition and think, “I don't know what's going on here”. Then play the ignorant card go up to them and say, “You know what, this is the … I'm in the wrong place, I thought that I was going to this event. This one's really interesting but I know zero about it. Can you tell me a bit about it?” You could just use that, you could… all these props everywhere. It's like a bookstore, you've got props everywhere that you can utilize you can use. And something that we've noticed from our students who've approached women on our seven day course in the museums and art galleries is that it's really, really quick to get an instant date because they always have a cafe or somewhere that you can sit and you can chat. It always starts off where they go in they chat about the gallery and they chat about art but it just moves on very, very swiftly from there moves on very, very quickly. Art galleries museums are a great place to meet women also.

Okay, last but definitely not least, a great place to meet women is the Whole Foods or if you're living in Great Britain, it would be called Planet organic. There's a lot of these places popping up and I call these the spiritual high churches of healthy living. I see an abundance of beautiful women in there and they're in this really good mood. It's strange, okay well, it's not strange I've worked out what it is. This is like after they go to the gym, they've done that awful workout, they've purged their sins almost. And this is the treat section. This is where they get to look at all this beautiful food, all this healthy food that they can reward themselves with. So, they're in that zone, they are in that positive zone, it’s only the gym where they’re kind of looking forward to doing that workout but they're still a little bit angry because they have to get on with it and do it and it's just a horrible experience. I don't do gyms as I said it's a horrible, horrible experience. But in the Whole Foods, sometimes organic, they feel that they're unhealthy, I'm going to have my wheat germ and celery juice that cost like $10. Everyone everybody in this place is in line with my values and for me this is the biggest load of pixie dust. I think it's very, very pretentious, I think it's well marketed, I don't fall for it but who gives a shit. There is an abundance of beautiful women who are falling for it. They go there and they feel great when they're in there and they fill in there with like minded people who come in from this same source- the source of healthy living. Now there's food courts in these places and the women will painstakingly choose their treat and they'll sit down and they'll eat their food, they'll be looking at their iPhone. And I've noticed that when people are in these food courts, they talk to each other, it's very communal because they all have presume that they're coming from the same healthy living source, they've all got the same mindset. It is ghastly but it works. It`s such a great place to meet women.

women on park bench

So I was with a student, this is about I would say a year ago and I took him in there and he was just like “I'm not going to meet any women here, I am not even healthy”… and I’m like, they`re just going to assume that you are. That's it! You don't have to say anything yet. They're just going to assume you are and then when he went to the food court he spoke to a beautiful blonde, he sat down with her and I just remember her face, it was like a big smile and she was really happy to speak to him. And if she had seen him in like KFC or something like that coming out of KFC, she wouldn't have had such a positive response to him- that immediate positive response. So, I believe that those places and they are popping up fast everywhere, are fantastic place to meet women. Like I said, I call them “high churches of healthy living” and you're going to go in then you're going to fill those bars and you got to go to the communal area with your celery, pumpkin, juice, stroke, booster, salad or whatever it is that they eat there. You just got to be able to talk to people because it's like “yeah, another like-minded person like me, another person who’s interested in looking being feeling healthy and that's a great start. Then if they find out that you’re not like this, maybe you're just trying out for fun, doesn't matter because you've already created that connection, you've already spoken to her. Then when the whole horrible all quiet early stages is done so then you can get on to the actual fun part which is seducing.

But anyway, so that's my five top places to meet women. I have lots more secret places. Really, really cool places to meet women actually. If you want to find out what they are, you know what to do. Come on and try some of these great courses for men by clicking the link below. If you can't get out the house for whatever reason or you can't make it to London or L.A. or Texas, then make sure you look at the product section where you can find more information about a variety of different game attraction and seduction related topics that I have created for you and I hope to see you soon on one of my live events. Take care. “Alexa”

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Learn How to Text a Girl

How To Text A Girl

Easy and Simple Secret Tricks on How to Text a Girl

Hey guys it is Alexa and welcome to our blog. Today we are going to be giving you advice tips on how to tell if a girl actually likes you when your chatting over text. We learned more amazing tips and tricks on learning to text girls and we definitely advise you go get this ultimate texting guide for Men today. Click here to learn more on How to Text a Girl

From April Masini:How to Text a Girl So let’s say you just asked her for her number, and now you are like how am I going to handle this, how am I going to keep her interested in this conversation and everything like that?  So my number one tip is honestly just be funny. Girls get contacted by bunches of guys all the time. From my experience I completely hate it when a guy contacts me and are like “hey how are you?” and then just goes on to ask me things like how my school day was. I am like I have had this conversation with like ten billion other people before.

I am not interested in this. There is nothing quirky or different with there text from anyone elses. When asked stuff like that I usually just answer their questions and sometimes I ask them something back out of politeness and they will just continue and continue to ask me questions on things that I am not interested in sharing because they are just plain ass boring.

So that is tip number one on how to text a girl, avoid being boring in a conversation by being funny. Ask them about funny things, asked them unique questions on things that they like, ask them what they’re doing maybe but not make it seem like you are interrogating them.

If you’re ever in a room with a person and you’re having a conversation, you’re not only shooting them questions, you also sometimes supposed to talk about a topic, instead of just moving on and also if you meet someone in the street don't be like “Hey, what school are you in?” “What year are you in?” “What are you going to study?” Those are questions that your family asks after they haven’t seen you in a few months or years and they are just annoying questions that you been asked so many times before.

So that’s my number one tip, avoid it being like a family reunion and annoying question just be thrown about.  Something important to do is to swoop her off her feet I guess, giving her compliments on the way she looked when you saw her. Or something like that, share some things about yourself to, the conversation does not have to be completely about her, it shouldn’t be completely about you either but it’s really good to throw something about you in the mix. texting a girl

Very often guys just like ask some generic questions and then they’re done and they don’t ever spontaneously start to talk about something, like “Hey I watched this series, have you ever seen it?” Then you end up talking about something that you love because as a girl is not as interesting to be telling people things all about yourself because you’ve done that before.  I think it’s also very interesting for them to hear something interesting about you.

It's very important that you give her attention and that she feels flattered and everything and I feel that guys are concerned that if they talk about themselves, I feel that guys feel like they need to make the girl feel like they have the full devotion and attention and that’s not true.

First of all the girls not worth more than you, the girls worth just as much as you so even though you started the conversation, it’s definitely important that you talk about you to like, it’s is not a one-sided conversation, this very important. You can flirt with her but try not to come across as like…don’t overdo flirting, I have a video on how to flirt with the girl, so go look it up to if you want to know and something else that I would say to make things animated.

Send her like Emoji’s, maybe some little pictures, something like that and make it like an animated conversation and not an interrogation that is my number one tip.  Don’t bore her because that what happens a lot because guys are afraid to think of the box and say something funny or spontaneous and just ends up being like a big interrogation.

I also invite you to get my Mastery Texting Guide. Learn the secrets to sending irresistible texts that will get any girl to respond – Guaranteed.

ordernowSo I hope that you enjoyed this little post and if you have any other questions, please leave them down below and I will make sure to look at them and see if I can help you with that.  Also don’t forget to follow me on social media.

I’ll see you later.  Bye.













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Dating Guide


What is the number one problem you men face when you spot a pretty girl and want to start a conversation? It is of course ‘’what the heck do you say to her’’. What you say on first approach will make or break your chances with getting to know her, because what you say must be the perfect balance of charm, flirting-ness, intelligence, humor and must open the door for further conversation while making the woman comfortable in talking to you, (sighs) no wonder all men have problems meeting women.

Turning Numbers Into Dates – Learn The Secret To Talking To Women

dont be nervous

So what is the best way to start a conversation with a girl, pick-up lines? No, no, no, no. A pick-up line is definitely not the best way. Pick-up lines don't work, everybody knows that; not only do they not work, they are a bright new signs stamped on your fore-head advertising your lack of words, creativity and screams boring to women.
Now then, the best way to initiate a conversation is with what a pick-up artist call ”Opinion Openers”. An opinion opener is when you ask a girl her opinion or advice on some problems; you are essentially asking her for help. This sneaky little trick works because psychologically, feeling useful and needed is one of the essentials of human life. This is also one of the secret psychological tricks pick-up artists use to seduce beautiful women.

what to talk about

Intrigued, curious; once you know exactly how to use ”Opinion Openers”, then you're just going to have to meet the fall out crew, don't you?

Attraction To Seduction – Watch Online








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The very high quality Cheap Gold Will Allen Authentic Jerseys bloom for the wonderful holiday

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Nike NFL Jerseys online wholesale, stylish kansas kids in the nfl cheap sale online for youYahoo!'s real strength in attacking Google was the draw that their portal had. The tool that offered Yahoo! the most certain return traffic was Yahoo! Mail. What matters is that you begin to listen to it, and learn to trust it. So often I meet women who can't define why it's time to move on, they just know it is.I do not recall who told me that, but when I find out, they owe forty dollars for a round trip cab ride from The Strip to go there. I was disappointed to say the least.. The need for incredible processing power is negated, and with so many talented programmers in the world, there seems to be an endless supply of gaming styles and concepts. This benefits online gamers across the globe, and when you have found the perfect website for such offerings, you may find yourself logging plenty of hours at the digital location..In this particular course of study, successful graduates can earn their associate's degree in occupational sciences in esthetics. Comprehensive training in this educational program will include how to administer facials and facial massage, skin care and skin medicine, and how to maintain healthy skin..He might not scroll further. Try to set the introductory contents as well as your company details and product's introduction should be on high priority. And as such, you won have to expend effort marketing and socializing during the event. Moreover, the buyers also don need to leave the comfort of their homes just to avail of what you are vending..See, there is so much tradition, and so much more that I cannot even find the time and energy to pack into all of this and do it justice. There are fabled walks to the games, fabled tales of players who played through injuries, players who just would never back down, never give up, and always did more for their team than anyone could imagine..The more you teach yourself, the more marketable skills you'll when looking for a job. Plus programming can be a lot of fun too.. As you can see, if you want to get involved in this type of gardening, you cannot just choose any random site, and this is in fact one of the most important steps of all. The location that you choose will have the greatest impact on how your garden is going to turn out..Tas ir dabiski, ka ikvienam ir sapni justies paam un meklt pau o pao dienu. Ja js mekljat veidu, k skatties unikli pas kzu dien, esat ieradies staj viet. You will also want to take notes on the other vehicle such as the make, model, and color. 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Peter famously replies: The Christ. The odd thing is that in Mk.One proposed solution is to use technology to fight distracted driving. Some of the gadgets that have already been introduced to the market or are in the planning stages include: (1) Anti Sleep Devices: these devices require you to answer questions in order to ascertain a safe period of uninterrupted driving time; (2) Alert Systems: these systems send audible alerts when you are changing lanes without a signal, crossing into other lanes, or driving too close to the edge of the road; (3) Collision Warning Systems: these gadgets gauge how far you are from other vehicles, particularly the vehicle in front of you, and advise you to slow down and create a greater space to avoid a collision; and (4) Apps that Prevent Cell Phone Use in a Moving Vehicle: these apps would prevent cell phones from functioning inside moving vehicles.Therefore, it you can have sexy kissing to meet the better pleasure on her. These solutions are highly effective, With proper, breathing, you can relax the body as well as your muscles that really help in prolonging early ejaculation. It does indeed give one great pause for thought. I can remember even as a young kid being told stories about the right way to conduct yourself, especially in times of peril.They say its simply Cheap Wholesale MLB Jerseys too hard and NFL Jersey Changes Cheap:Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence had back surgery will require too much effort to build your website up to that point. You should pursue a high ranking in Google with all of your available resources, but not necessarily with the goal of hitting the top of the search engine mountain.It is known to be one of the most cost efficient and advanced one in the world. So the other cities must also adapt the same pattern sooner or later.. I rushed out and purchased the largest book on breast cancer I could find and read it twice. 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Exactly what I was looking for.
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Wholesale top-notch Cheap Navy Blue Jon Ryan Game Jerseys go with everythingFollow your heart. If you find a dress, but you like it (or better, if you love it!) Then go with it! In my opinion, there is little feeling as good tick more than a project close do list. Also, once you lock the clothes, and everything else you can get started demanding your attention at the flowers, Long Champagne Bridesmaid Dress ..The Carolina Panthers have a record of 5 9 on the season so far. If the defense was not so horrible, the Panthers would probably be contenders this year. There has been many games this year that the Panthers had the game in the bag with the lead that Newton provided for click this them.Yes, yes, and yes! Let your date know you have kids on your first date. If your date can't accept the fact that you have kids then this is a red flag that you should not go on a date with this person. 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Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera Review


Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera Review

Point and Shoot with the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black)


  Everyone loves memories, and memories are best captured on photos. You can revisit fun times and loving moments by looking at images you have captured over the years. It is best to use a camera that gets you high quality shots and capturing unforgettable moments has never been easier than with the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black). Just point with this sleek black camera and click to catch sharp and crisp images of a beautiful memory and make it eternal. 

The dimensions of the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) are 95.3 x 56.8 x 23.7 mm and it is approximately 142 g in weight, including the battery and memory card. Lightweight and very functional, you can take it anywhere with you as you discover the unlimited potential of photography. 

Powered by DIGIC 4+ Image Processor

The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) lets you process images instantly as you shoot at speeds in auto and ISO 100-1600 settings. Image processing time is improved by 60% by the DIGIC 4+ processor and the CCD sensor which also perks up the Intelligent IS function and the start-up and auto-focusing times that produces an enhanced result.

 Effective 20 Megapixels, 10x Optical Zoom and Lens

More megapixels give you the power to enlarge your images without compromising the photo quality with the 20 megapixels of your Canon Ixus 155. The 4x Digital and 10x Optical zoom allows you to capture even the minutest details in the background and foreground. Focal length of lens is 4.3 (W) – 43.0 (T) mm (35 mm film equivalent: 24 (W) – 240 (T) mm). 

Wide LCD Screen

A high resolution 2.70 inch LCD screen lets you enjoy viewing your images as you take them. Likewise, you do not strain your eyes as you edit the images right on your camera. The screen has a resolution of 230000 dot image and a 4:3 aspect ratio in framing your subject comfortably.  

Built-In Flash

No more worries about low lights and adjustments because the built-in flash automatically acts when there is minimal light to give you high quality shots. There are 4 flash modes to choose from and 1.0-2.0m or 50cm-4.0m flash range to enhance your image capture. 

Auto Mode

If you are a beginner, but still wants great pictures, then you will find the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) very handy. By relying on its auto mode, you can start clicking and get quality shots of every memory you want to preserve. The camera automatically corrects settings for color and brightness saving you the worry of making adjustments to produce sharp and high quality pictures. 

Still Image Sizes

Still Images are captured in a 4:3 ratio with the following sizes: Small 640 x 480, Medium 1 3648 x 2736, Medium 2 2048 x 1536 and Large 5152 x 3864. 

Impressive Creative Filters

No need for special lenses as you add photographic effects and make your images catchier and more unique by using the built-in filters. There is also no need to download photographic tools and special effects. Get that classic convex distortion effect by using the Fisheye. Create a pinhole camera image by using the Toy Camera and add that well-defined single tone to your photographs with the Monochrome effect. 

Shooting Options

You can try even the different shooting modes: portrait, snow, low light, super vivid, fireworks, long shutter, poster and miniature effects. It helps you create natural backgrounds in place of dull backgrounds. 

Likewise, you do not have to worry about low lighting as it comes with f/3 – f.9 apperture and can capture up to 0.8 continuous shots per second and 2.2 shots in low light mode. ISO Speed is 100 – 1600 with 1 step increment, standard output sensitivity. It allows you to set the speed per light exposure requirement of your shots. 

The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) also offers face self-timer, face detection and live view control shooting modes for your convenience. Its metering system is evaluative, spot and center-weighted average. The 1cm macro range is perfect for close-ups and the 4.3-43 focal length is great for wide-angle images. Enjoy beautiful shots in a variety of ways and modifications. 

White Balance

White balancing solves the problem caused by changing light temperatures. Indoor or outdoor lighting affects photo quality and the white balancing sets the camera accordingly. Set it at Day Light, Fluorescent or Tungsten Light adjustments as well as Auto Mode to achieve the perfect shot. 

Record Full HD Movies

Capture more than still images and go for motion picture. The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) allows you to record movies in full HD in mjpeg format with 1280 x 720 p resolutions. 

Long-lasting battery

The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black)is powered by the NB-11LH Li-Ion battery that enables you to take 230 shots and record at least one hour of HD videos on a full charge. 

Take More Shots with Eco Mode

Low on battery but still need to capture images? Then turn on the eco mode to darken the LCD monitor or viewfinder when not in use. The signal amount read is reduced by one-third from the image sensor and reduces power consumption by the camera, conserving your battery life. 

Warranty and Service

Register on Canon’s website after your purchase and enjoy a minimum of one to two years warranty on the Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black). Service centers are also easy to find across the country. Warranty can be extended. 

Other Features

Image stabilization technology eases your worry of blur caused by uneven surfaces or hand movements as you take images and videos. Other Digital Cameras from Canon as the Powershot G16, Powershot A2500, Powershot SX60 HS, Powershot G7X and Powershot SX700 HS also have the same image stabilization features. 

Help Button

Beginners will fully enjoy the Help Button as they navigate the camera’s features and function as it provides helpful insights on how to shoot amazing photos. This makes the Canon Ixus 155 quite user friendly. 

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The Canon Powershot IXUS155 20MP Digital Camera (Black) comes in an exceptionally attractive packaging that consists of a Battery Charger CB-2LFE, battery Pack NB-11LH,  AC Cable, 4GB Card Camera Case, Wrist Strap WS-800 and the User Manual Kit. It is also available in Red, Silver and Blue.







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Almost to small but does the jobs. Very thin. I bought a matress pad to go under the sheets.
  Brianna Hogans

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Si quelqu'un est malheureux, il peut trouver la joie dans les jeux en ligne et oublier temporairement les choses malheureuses dans la vie relle.Oh, and don't worry, you definitely won't be experiencing any part of Southeast Asia from the window of some bus the entire time. Even the shorter Southeast Asia adventure tours have travelers moving about on longtail boats, trains, ferries, foot, tuk tuks and even on elephants..Offrono anche un buono e confortante al cliente assistenza e supporto costante garantito. In caso di trasportatore di box per cavalli per trascinamento vi sono i rimorchi sono sicuri di ottenere il veicolo di manutenzione, di MOT, Re sprays e copertura assicurativa per i veicoli..

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Collecting Game Worn Hockey Jerseys – Connection On The Ice

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The famous sport item – Cheap Orange Ego Ferguson Elite Jerseys wholesale, buy & enjoy a huge discountIt gives immense pleasure to enjoy the adventure and thrill. It is better to undergo proper training before indulging in the activity and proper protection must be taken to prevent one from danger.. Tesla is a pioneer in electric cars and produces vehicles that are anything but short ranged and underpowered. Their debut Roadster was built on a Lotus Elise frame.Obstajajo drugi, saj sluijo, da enske srena. Prej ste prebrali ta lanek, prej lahko doloi How to build a positive NFL sports team culture? karkoli e je, da je ohranjanje ste dva od poten Cheap NFL sports jerseys in odprt odnos.. This herbal remedy can be Men's Chicago Blackhawks Black Camo Stack Pullover Hoodie used by people of all age groups. It ensures complete safety and won't induce any side effect size 48 nike nfl jersey cheap on users.Hostings masvs gjieni, puses, koncerti, kulinrijas festivlu, kultras programmas un skaistums pageants, Meksikas piekrastes pilstm piedv Mardi Gras svinbs pieldzinmi tiem, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, vai jebkur citur pasaul. I was just browsing around online, and I stumbled upon your Site.There are several tips which when implemented lead to a cheap car insurance plan. The best way out is to carry out your search on the internet where you will find an immense pool of insurance companies. Ralph Emerson has good ideas how to make the business successful, knows where to buy tobacco, how to make better deals and run the business. Shortly I believe that Ralph Emerson has all the required features to operate his own profitable enterprise..V mnogih nastavitve, so veliko bolj primerno in dostopni kot spalnik kav ali druge monosti. Obstaja veliko ljudi, ki ivijo v utesnjen etrtletja, ali so tudenti, so preve roommates, ali samo e ve stvari kot prostora. Before, selecting the wedding planner, it is important for you to feel comfortable in talking to the wedding planner about your ideas for the wedding. Finding the right wedding planner needs great deals of research.According to cell phone accessory reviews, there are many different great cell phone accessories on the market today that can be used to make the cell phone more beautiful, useful and long lasting. Like most technology products, there's much more to the item than initially meets the eye.Temelleri. Kolyeler, uzun veya ksa, ar ya da ok ince olabilir ama elbise iin yeni bir cazibe vermek. Having said that, this alternative may not be right for you. While they are equal to or better than braces in many respects, there are areas where they may fall short.The bars and restaurants of Melbourne speckle the streets with somewhere to wine and dine quite literally on every corner. Whether you want to mingle with the locals in a bar that specialises in your favourite beer, dance the night away to the works of a world class DJ or find a quiet little restaurant that serves the best steak that has ever graced your lips, Melbourne has what you need! When it's all done and dusted and you long for the sweet embrace of your bed, then it's time to pack up the fruits of your adventures and head home.Look to buy properties for at least 30% below what you plan on selling them for. This includes the work you will put into the house and land. Poasi in vztrajno dvorjenje je postajal tudi sprejemljive in stari spoznal, da je pomembno za nevesto in enina, da poznata. Bodisi ji Uen lovek e rabljen zadobiti rishta (match) za bodoe neveste in enina ali nekaj sorodnika, ki se uporablja, da boleine in pobudo dobili svoje neake ali neakinje poroiti.When taking a golf swing as a beginner is sometimes a difficult thing to do. Having a smooth transition at the top of the swing with smooth rhythm is going to produce the swing that you want. Arcanist Doan skaisiai vienuolyne yra gerai naudingas bosas. Jis sumaja kai kuri labai graus plikauti, kad js tikriausiai galite naudoti arba parduoti, jei norite.The mind behind David's Famous sticks close to the classic recipe for frozen custard, but makes it much creamier by substantially upping the ratio of one crucial ingredient: eggs. While all frozen custard must include at least 1.4 percent egg yolk solids, David Gott's version made from a tweaked family recipe contains a whopping 4 percent.Don't be the friend who is chronically late. Beyond that, nobody likes managing the employee who's always tardy to work and meetings. Permet de faire comme personnalis possible. La meilleure faon de rduire le niveau de stress sera organise dans votre planification.Sabiendo la mejor dieta para perder estmago grasa y abs entrenamientos sobre cmo conseguir 6 pack abs y convertirse en un rockero ab es una cosa. Pero sabes que hay muchos mitos por ah que le pueden sabotear contraigan un estmago de six pack? Aqu lo 6 mitos que necesita borrar totalmente si desea obtener su six pack rpido a todos..Bieber appeals primarily to teen and preteen girls two groups that are drawn to pop idols like moths to a vacuum cleaner. Bieber's been carefully modeled by really smart marketing executives to be that vacuum cleaner. Rent a bike:Tourists pedaling on bike around town, feel part of the race. You can either rent a bike for a short period of time, from a few hours to whole day or week.WHAT IS MY ESTATE? Your estate consists of all of your property, personal belongings, and cash which you own. You can also list things you are entitled to own at the time of your death. Asia Pacific is the emerging market for global injectable drug delivery systems due to the potential the region has for expansion and growth. The global injectable drug delivery market is highly competitive and diversified with big firms, mid level firms and new firms.When you review elliptical cross trainers, you want to look at its strengths and weaknesses. This is extremely important, because you will see not only the positive parts of the equipment, but you will also see the drawbacks. My children slept through that night. They woke up to a toy car, colored pencils or a small candy and were excited for another opportunity for the Sleep Fairy to visit.Vergu saimnieku piedvja Joyce via meita, laulbas, un pusi no savas bagtbas, ja vi paliks Alra. Joyce, atteics pieemt darba piedvjumu, un t viet atgriezs mjs Claddagh, kur vi atrada via mlestba, kas viu gaidja. The mediator is more than willing to offer sane advice to the borrowers on best installmentloans for bad credit situations. The loan is offered despite the poor conditions and the borrowers are given a chance to rectify their financial conditions..Assicurarsi di creare quel rapporto cordiale e professionale tra voi e il reclutatore. Se necessario chiedere un appuntamento al loro programma preferito solo per ottenere il tuo profilo preparato per qualsiasi imminente posti vacanti.. Si deve pensare come un marketer. Questo perch si vuole mercato te stesso alla persona giusta..Pawl sa yo gen yon fason sa ki atire atansyon moun. cheap custom flag football jerseys Tre grosoulye a annik f evnman an yon dezas sou pati ou. Whisk the flour, sugar, and salt together in a bowl. Gradually whisk in the milk, water, eggs and vanilla extract, and continue whisking until smooth.9. Not sure if we need one right now! Oh for goodness sake! What have you been selling? Have you not clarified early on in the sales cycle; a date of ownership, the value of owning what you are selling and what happens if they maintain the status quo? If you have done all the above correctly, then ask what has happened to make them change their cheap custom team hockey jerseys mind?.Ltims dissenys brusa servir per millorar l'aspecte i ja no fer l's de saree un assumpte avorrit. Saree dna una dona un aspecte elegant si es va associar amb una brusa adequada. So what is it about the Hormann TPS700 that makes it so appealing? One thing that people love is the triple pane of insulated safety glass which allows light to come through the door and welcome visitors into a bright, warm and positive atmosphere. The glass has been sand blasted so that it creates a frosted appearance.Het moet de beste die u geven kunt om het echt speciaal te maken. U moet aandacht besteden in elk detail van het huwelijk en inspannen om speciaal te maken. The fat burning furnace program assists you to turn into healthy and remove afternoon fatigue. It boosts your immune method, not to mention your sex life and self esteem, and it is possible to join over 50 000 others using the ideal six pack that youve usually wanted.Det r mer av en avkoppling verksamhet snarare n en vning. Men otroligt nog, det gr du frlora vikt snabbare n andra typer av Motion kombinerat.. Shranjevanje tvoj zakon je bistvenega pomena na naslednje naine. Prvi, vi zasluiti vzdrevati va partner, vi zasluiti vzdrevati oe svoje otroke in dobi, da imajo zaupanje v drug drugega in svoje ljubezni.MRSA is predominantly a nosocomial pathogen causing hospital acquired infections as well as community acquired infections. Currently available statistics from the Kaiser foundation in 2007 indicate that about 1.2 million hospitalized patients have MRSA, and the mortality rate is estimated to be between 4% 10%.[1].

Just like the Broadway show.
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It works fine on my Lil machine…Glad I have it
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Enjoying fashion experience from our Cheap Pink Luke McCown Authentic Jerseys pursues brilliance always2. Roger Federer He expressed his shock when he was asked about Justin Henin's sudden decision to retire while still occupying the top ranking. Wrd wielu znanych cheap NFL authentic jerseys online logo Amerykanw Yankees i Phillies s faworytami. Istnieje wiele EZ pass akcesoriw, ktre przedstawiaj wsparcie dla tych zespow baseball.I used to cake on the makeup in order to not look so tired all the time. Honestly, they made me look much older than I really was. Didiosios Britanijos vairavimo egzamino simboliai trys dirbani moni amiaus ketviriai saugus kelyje kai ji 75. Vairavimo bandymo privalom buvo vestas, nes dl 1 birelio 1935 tarp didjanios miri skaiiaus kaip automobili, padidjo populiarumas..Banyak wanita menderita dengan payudara kendor, longgar dan di bawah tumbuh. Efek psikologis dari kondisi ini begitu tinggi bahwa perempuan bahkan ragu ragu dalam mengambil operasi mengganggu dan menyakitkan dan implan nfl jersey replica youth xl football helmet cheap untuk mendapatkan lebih lengkap dan menarik garis payudara.Long before Raimi spent hundreds of millions making Tobey Maguire look like a teenager real nfl jerseys players wear cheap in the Spider Man movies, he did a little low budget horror flick called The Evil Dead. The budget was so low, in fact, that Raimi and his crew had to shoot (and sleep) in a real abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods, which was full of cow shit when they arrived.The first ad has Wilkins (proto Kermit) asking a dumpy looking Muppet named Wotkins if he likes Wilkins Coffee. The other Muppet answers, No, so Kermit shoots him with a cannon. If the judge does order the device to be installed, the device may be ordered to remain on the vehicle for up to a year after the offender license revocation period has ended. Thus an individual who has an ignition interlock device installed by the judge order may have to keep the device on longer than if the law requires the device to be installed..Your world may be crumbling before your eyes, and you need them in your corner. You must focus on getting results that work in your favor. This article seeks to provide a few advices to borrowers in how not to let the vicious circle of debt engulf them and spoil their chances to succeed. But such advantage only sometimes turns out to be a disadvantage.For subscribing this newspaper in any of the three languages (English, Hindi Urdu) the subscription charges can be sent by medium of Post or demand draft that should be in favor of Employment News, Govt. Of India, New Delhi to Business Manager (Circulation Advt.) Publications Division, Min.Seth McFarlane's joke did nothing. Which is a shame because he's one of the few powerful men in Hollywood who could do something about this issue.It's nfl jersey sales 2020 cheap really hard to get a man kicked out of Hollywood, especially a white man. Many tourists love to travel to Arizona because of the diverse attractions it offers. Gorgeous red rock mountains, the Grand Canyon and so many other Sonoran desert attractions are just a sample of 1 day activities in Arizona.La barnet vet du vil bli her nr han/hun er klar til snakke med deg i en rst. Raserianfall er barnets mte ha en maktkamp med deg. In some parts of the world, often due to government subsidies, many new houses are built with solar roofs. However, with the invention of what is called thin film solar technology, solar roofing tiles, panels and shingles have become easier to best rugby shirts for men cheap fabricate and work with and are much more aesthetically pleasing.According to Aaron T. 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I know you know this, but I bet you NOT REALLY DOING THIS?No entrepreneur I see is doing enough personal connecting, following up, promotion and marketing and most of this little to no money.You need the RIGHT PLAN of action to show you which steps to take so you can get moving. That plan needs to consist of many basics its the marketing basics that will pull you through this tough time.All of them were ineffective but, before this became obvious, the sellers had moved on to the next town. Now, for the first time, we actually have a product that works. But if they did some simple research, they'd learn that many traders average down during these times, expecting an eventual return. In fact, 77 percent of investors view the current market volatility as a short term correction instead of cheap super bowl apparel for 2020 an ominous sign..Given the complexity of the addictive process it is not surprising that there is not a clear ‘winner' in all criteria. What some may find surprising is that for both researchers caffeine ranked higher than marijuana on a number of the criteria and indeed Berowitz rates caffeine higher than marijuana for dependence.College Basketball un grande business. C' un sacco di soldi per essere fatto, e che sta non solo nelle tasche degli atleti pro strapagati. This was particularly surprising because the family had been missing/dead for three days, yet the cows had been milked, food had been cooked, and neighbors had seen smoke rising from the chimney. In other words, someone had been living on the farm after they killed the family.If he considers investing in the stock market, it is not unnatural that he may scream apprehending great loss in profit. Banks and financial institutions are in plenty. People enjoy their holidays with their family members through holiday tour limo service. The holiday tour limo services are very entertaining, cool, comfortable and affordable limo packages for the people to enjoy the holiday season.School event limo serviceDifferent types of cultural events, shows and festivals are organized in the schools.The next item of business is to find out if this person is a good fit for the job. In other words, will he fit into the team and the company culture? Although this is the more subjective part of the interview, it can make or break your chances of getting the job..I used to take one of those portable ice coolers (Eskys we call them in Australia) to every camping trip. While it worked well, once the ice melted it was game over! Enter the car fridge. He knew every play by heart, just as a salmon knows its river, or a dancer knows cool ass dance moves. He'd rooted for the picadores as they stabbed the bull's neck with lances, as required by the rules.Friends are open and willing to talk through things and to honestly share positive and negative feelings with each other without blaming. In the process of building healthy relationships and friendships, it is important to avoid jealousy, possessiveness and competition and recognize that they are triggered by events from your past which trigger your fears and insecurities..Destinasjon bryllup til Hawaii, Bahamas, Jomfruyene, Maui, Jamaica og mer blir mer og mer populrt som destinasjon bryllupet planlegging online har blitt enklere og enklere. Ved hjelp av Smart dekorasjoner og atmosfre enhancers, for eksempel 60s stranden musikk, det er ikke s vanskelig bringe stranden rett inn bryllupsfesten.I caught his hand and slammed it into the ground. He dropped the knife.. If you're thinking of visiting a cosmetic dentist for whitening, crowns, or any other procedure to beautify your smile, your primary concern should be getting ready to communicate openly and effectively. Remember, dental professionals may be wizards when it comes to making your teeth look bright, shiny, and new, but they aren't practiced in the art of psychic ability.Acidification has affected bird population in terms of food availability and the presence of aluminum content in the quality of fish that piscivorous or fish eating birds subsist on. Studies are being made regarding the effect of aluminum content in the reproductive 2020 pro bowl jerseys nfc playoff schedule cheap systems of these fish eating birds.PRI also allows you have separate outgoing Caller ID appearances. This is especially beneficial if you have corporations or organizations with several companies under one roof. Personal injuries are a part of everyone's life, and if these accidents occur due to someone else's negligence or mistake, you must seek advice from a personal injury lawyer. The fact that people fail to nfl jersey supply us org cheap take responsibility of their doings is the reason why personal injury claims are in existence.

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  These are actually a cost effective replacement for a Melitta #1 filter, which are harder to find and more expensive. A fold at the bottom of the cone makes this a good fit.

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Hot new Amazon Siri Assistant “AMAZON ECHO”

Amazon ECHO

Amazon Echo Is A New Always On Siri-Style Speaker Assistant And More


 Amazon has cleaverly introduced it's next Hot new product called Amazon ECHO and for now it really has no competition in it's field. This connected small crystal clear portable speaker called Echo that’s always on, listening for voice commends that you give it like, what time is it?, Set an alarm for 8:00am, Play music by God Smack, Add this ingredient to my Shopping List, just ask it anything and it will respond to your questions. 
What is Amazon Echo
The cylindrical device has HD Stereo quality room-filling sound with crisp vocals and great dynamic bass. The speakers fire downward and produce a 360 degree omni- directional audio that fills the room. This unit integrates in with voice control to listen to music from Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Prime Music and TuneIn. The unit is equipped with Bluetooth which will allow you to stream your favorite music from services like Spotify, iTunes and Pandora from your phone or tablet. 
Echo doesn't stop working when you're away from home. With the free companion app on Fire OS and Android, plus desktop and iOS browsers, you can easily manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more. 
Key Features Include



Connect to your home network with a simple setup, guided by the free companion app on Fire OS and Android, plus desktop and iOS browsers.


Echo is always on and connected to Wi-Fi so it's ready to respond instantly.


Stream your favorite music services like Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora from your phone or tablet.



Amazon Echo is always ready, connected, and fast. Just say the wake word, “Alexa,” for:

  • News, weather, and information: Hear up-to-the-minute weather and news from a variety of sources, including local radio stations, NPR, and ESPN from TuneIn.
  • Music: Listen to your Amazon Music Library, Prime Music, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio.
  • Alarms, timers, and lists: Stay on time and organized with voice-controlled alarms, timers, shopping and to-do lists.
  • Questions and answers: Get information from Wikipedia, definitions, answers to common questions, and more.
  • More coming soon: Echo automatically updates through the cloud with new services and features.



Tucked under Echo's light ring is an array of seven microphones. These sensors use beam-forming technology to hear you from any direction. With enhanced noise cancellation, Echo can hear you ask a question even while it's playing music.

Amazon is shipping a dedicated Echo app to go with the speaker, which runs on Fire OS and Android, as well as a web-based app for iOS via Safari, and for control via your desktop. You can use this to set up your service, to view and monitor alarms, check reminders and shopping lists you create and generally check info you input via the speaker itself.

echo key features


Amazon’s Echo will be sold for $199 for its regular customers, or $99 for Prime members and is an invitation only at this time from the company. It’s one of Amazon's highly secretive projects where they design and build innovative gadgets for consumers. This idea was talked about before but it seems Amazon has beat the other players to the front. If your lucky enough to be selected by Amazon to be one of the first to receive this product we would love to hear your reviews and thoughts. 

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3 Cheap Luxury Watches


3 Cheap Luxury Watches

Men’s Luxury Watches: A Review of the Kronen & Sohne Men's Watch Royal Carving 136

           Watches are one of the most timeless accessories that anyone can wear to complement their outfits. As far back as the 1700’s, society’s fashionistas and game changers wore timepieces both for their aesthetic appeal and for their functionality. By the time the 20th century came about, timepieces worn on the wrist became the fashion, and both men and women eagerly embraced the trend. Men, in particular, were keen on wearing them since luxury watches were the masculine equivalent of jewelry. Apart from being status symbols, meticulously crafted watches were also a way for stylish men to express their finely-honed personal tastes.

         Since most men of the 20th and the 21st centuries shy away from wearing multiple necklaces or rings to show off their wealth and status, watches from the highly renowned European craftsmen became their favorite way to show that they had “made it,” and could thus afford to spend the equivalent of a year’s income on a precious timepiece. And in some of the world’s most opulent families, it also became the norm for sons to receive their own luxury watch upon coming of age. The wealthy Chinese families, for instance, are known to bestow a selection of expensive, top of the line watches on their prospective son-in-law as part of their daughter’s opulent dowry.

         Kronen and Söhne literally means “Crown and Son” in German. The German watch making company, established in 1992, is one of the best-kept secrets of the luxury timepiece market. Well-known among some of the world’s most discerning luxury watch connoisseurs, the 20-year old company took its name from the royal concept of heritage. Just as reigning monarchs take care to preserve the crown so that they can pass it on to their sons, Kronen and Söhne’s watch makers exercise the utmost precision and technique to produce luxury watches that fathers can pass onto their sons while maintaining their pristine condition.

         The Kronen & Sohne Men's Watch Royal Carving 136 (Brown/Rose Gold) is one such example of the German watch making firm’s legendary craftsmanship. Measuring about 19.5 cm, the actual body of the time piece is crafted from rose gold. With its time piece having a diameter of about 4.1 cm, the watch face offers a clear view of its inner workings, with the transparent covering providing a peek into the minuscule cogs that keep the watch running.

         Some of the high points of the Kronen & Sohne Men's Watch Royal Carving 136 (Brown/Rose Gold) model include the following:

The Kronen & Sohne Men's Watch Royal Carving 136 (Brown/Rose Gold) is definitely pricier than the average watch. But given the watch’s features, as discussed above, it isn’t exactly lacking in the value for money department. Thus, its purchase would be a good way to celebrate a significant personal or career milestone, such as hitting one’s 21st birthday or getting a well-deserved promotion at work.

3 Cheap Luxury Watches

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Great Running Shoes

Asics Men’s Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19

Great Running Shoes

Improve Your Running Performance with the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19

 Running is a wonderful form of exercise, improving health and general well-being. Other benefits of running include the following:

 Better sleep, less insomnia problems

  • Better breathing, less respiratory tract infections
  • Better sight, less likely to experience age-related vision loss
  • Better blood circulation and cardio strength, less exposure to high-blood pressure medication
  • Better stamina, less likely to have severe erectile dysfunction
  • Better bones, less likely to suffer bone density problems
  • Better concentration, less likely to develop dementia
  • Longer life, happier life

Running is also used in training for sports and competition. Many people find running easy and a very effective means to get a good cardio workout. You can run anywhere with no special equipment or gear required. However, like any other sport or form of exercise, running can also make you prone to accidents and injuries to your knees, feet and ankles. Protect yourself and enjoy the exercise by wearing great running shoes, and the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 is one of the best running shoes available right now.

A Legacy of Good Running Shoes

The name ASICS is an acronym for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, a Latin phrase that literally means “a sound mind in a sound body”.

The Gel-DS trainer shoes have always been loved by enthusiastic runners and have seen improvements and transformation over the years. The Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 has superb features that will make your running experience so enjoyable.

Every Asics product is designed to make the sports enthusiast have a healthy body in harmony with a healthy mind.

Their shoe innovations boast of the famous Asics design philosophy: linking shoe components to enhance the natural way of walking, augmenting smooth movement of step from heel strike to toe-off and reducing the risk of injury. The 19th version is much improved in comfort, fit and weight. The Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 is made of synthetic fiber and artificial lather with a rubber sole and textile lining materials, weighs about 310 grams and comes in US sizes

Lightweight Performance

Made of dual-layered Solyte midsole and has less upper overlays, the shoe is perfectly lightweight. Breathable and comfortable because of the open mesh construction, these running shoes offer increased flexibility through the Asics’ Impact Guidance System design. Running is also about resistance placed on bones, muscles and the heart, and the body adapts to accommodate this demand. This eventually leads to stronger bones, stronger muscles and cardiovascular strength. With the lightweight

Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 , you can improve your body resistance with elasticity and comfort on your feet.

Comfort at Your Feet

The biomorphic fit upper is essentially a stretch material that helps reduce buckling on the upper foot for a more comfortable step. This seamless overlay cleverly prevents irritation and the risk of getting blisters. It is quite ideal for long runs, either for exercise or for training, providing support and comfort. The Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 supports improved body posture as well. Reduced bunching and buckling will help you run the right way. When this happens, your whole body posture also automatically becomes right. Shoulders are lowered, spine is prolonged and arms are used in pumping energy to the running pace.

Enjoy the Heel Clutching System at its finest with the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19. For improved gait, heel support and heel fitting, exoskeletal heel counter is set in place along with rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning systems. Running shocks are eased during transitions and smooth movements are allowed on multiple planes. The rearfoot and forefoot gels are silicone-based materials that are located in critical areas. The vertical flex groove reduces or eliminates the shockwaves and tooling for enhanced gait prowess. On the other hand, the clutch counter is snug and supportive providing a dynamic fit surrounding the heel, and gives stability on the insole.

Stable and Steady

For a touch of stability, the eyelets are independently positioned to disburse tension from the lace in an asymmetrical design. This makes the fitting customized for the runner while making the upper foot equally comfortable, following the foot’s natural curve and likewise reduces the risk for irritation.

When running, one needs to avoid obstacles such as stones, branches, curbs, animals and other miscellaneous items. Changing directions and speed is essential and a shoe with a perfect and comfortable fit will help strengthen your balance and help you easily maneuver.

The innovative Guidance Trusstic System is designed to reduce the weight of the sole unit while maintaining the shoe’s structural integrity. It works with the Guidance Line on the outsole and promotes a more efficient step while supporting the midfoot and compensates for overpronation. Running enhances one’s endurance and the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 props up one’s staying power through structural integrity and rigidity of midfoot, insole and outsole. The shoe heel is secure, there is less potential for friction, and it makaes the runner literally go the extra mile.

Best Choice for Running

Running is about hard work as much as it is about relaxing. When you run, your shoulders are not hunched up and you’re the muscles in your arms and hands are shaken out to relax. Shodding your feet with running shoes that are designed for comfort and maximum flexibility, like the ASICS GEL Cumulus 16 Lite, ASICS Gel Flux, ASICS Nimbus 16 Lite, ASICS Gel Fortitude and the ASICS Gel KAYANO 21, is the excellent strategy for daily running, neutral running or running for training.

To recap, running with the Asics Men's Running Shoes GEL KAYANO 19 is the best thing you can do for the three big reasons. One, you’ll run faster, lighter and more comfortably because of the half-ounce weight drop from last year’s version. Two, you will enjoy better feel, better fit and durability because of the seamless overlay and breathable stretch mesh construction. Three, the well-cushioned running shoe is specifically designed for overpronators who want and need maximum support. So run and strengthen your body, be healthy or be more competitive, while being comfortable as well. There is something wonderful and tough about running that makes you feel perfect. You can beat the normal pace of life and feel resilient.

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